The trees have leaves, the grass is growing, and the camp is busy. Saying that, we need HELP!  If you can make sometime, please consider lending a hand.  We need help cutting grass (we have cool riding mowers), trail maintenance and instituting all the initiatives that we have started as we develop Camp Samac 2.0. 

Camp Samac 75th Anniversary Crest
Camp Samac 75th Anniversary Crest

Talking about the camp being busy, in late May and June we are looking forward to our big Beaveree (May 27-29, 2022) and Cuboree (June 10*12, 2022).  We also have a Canoe Day on Lake Samac planned for June 25th.  We welcome first timer paddlers and those who would like to hone up on their canoeing skills.  This educational session will be run by Scouter Lewis Williams. 

For those that would like to swap badges, June 24/25 Grant Welsh will be hosting the event at the Old Scout Shop.  This is a great time to reconnect and visit our museum.  Also, on at the badge Swap we will be releasing 2 new crests.  The first one is a limited edition 75th Anniversary Crest and the second is our New Camp Crest.

Early June will mark the launch of our Outdoor Archery Range.  Watch for upcoming details and book it on Double Knot!

When Spring turns into Summer the excitement at the Camp will reach a new pitch as we welcome back our Summer Day Camp running July and August.  Even though we have the Day Camp, the property is still available to book for evening and weekend use.

Butterfly Crest
Butterfly Crest available from the Samac Warden

One Mans Trash is Another’s Treasure

We are looking for:

  • Annuals for our proposed new gardens
  • Sliding Glass doors
  • Propane BBQ’s
  • Neat Camp Stuff

And finally, we are working on One BIG Campfest in September so watch for details

Kevin Anyan
Warden – Camp Samac

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