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  • Individual Challenge Course

    Six piece challenge course

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    Learning to tie useful common knots

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    lashing camp gadgets to make camping easier living

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    Nature Bingo

    Bingo using items in nature

  • Nature Centre

    Welcome to the Nature Centre! Surrounded by forests and creek, this centre provides an educational adventure where visitors can discover the various animal and plant species that fill Camp Samac’s ecosystem!

  • Range

    Archery Target Practice

  • Range – Pellets

    Air Rifle Indoor Range

  • Remembrance Trail

    Enjoy the sounds of the Samac creek as you hike along our Remeberance trail

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  • Seasonal Fish Run

    Observe Salmon and Trout make their way upstream and spawn in the Samac creek at the base of our dam. Spend time in the creek observing its other inhabitants including minnows, crayfish, frogs and much more!

  • Sunrise Trail

    Enjoy the natural beauty of this unique, 200m trail through the forest.

  • Sunset Trail

    Our longes hiking trail follows Lake Samac through the forest. Find yourself submerged in the Samac forest and enjoy a bridge view of the flowing river.

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