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  • Sunrise Trail

    Enjoy the natural beauty of this unique, 200m trail through the forest.

  • Sunset Trail

    Our longes hiking trail follows Lake Samac through the forest. Find yourself submerged in the Samac forest and enjoy a bridge view of the flowing river.

  • The Dam at Camp Samac

    Constructed in 1960, the Camp Samac Dam is a historical piece of architecture and still functions to fill Lake Samac. Enjoy a walk across the bridge on top of the dam and enjoy an incredible view of the native fish during the seasonal Fish Run!

  • Watercrafts

    Enjoy Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddle boating through Lake Samac and up the winding river. Immerse yourself into the lake’s views of blue herons and sounds of bullfrogs.

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    Word Bing

    Bingo using names of items used to go camping

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    Wrist Loops

    Problem Solving – Communications

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