Fireflies at Corneal Meadow

When the lights go off, the fireflies come out! Spend time in the dark at Corneal Meadow to witness a magnificent show of dancing fireflies!


On a quiet summer evening, fireflies will arrive and dance on the grass.

To get to Corneal Meadow, ascend Beaver Ridge on the east side of the dam, turn left at the top of the hill, and look for the staircase leading into the cedar trees. On the other side, you will find a quit dark meadow to relax and enjoy the view.

The wilderness area of Southern Ontario is home to several species of fireflies. The light show may be seen for several weeks in summer, when the weather gets warm and humid, usually between late June and early July. As the darkness creeps in, the green flashes appear among the trees and grasses, and this performance typically lasts for only a couple of hours.

The bugs produce bioluminescent light in their abdomen, and it serves for communication during their mating season. Thousands of males fly around trying to impress the females, while the latter just sit on grass blades assessing the efforts. When a female chooses the “right partner,” she points her abdomen in his direction, so that the select could see her twinkling response. Sadly, after the mating and laying the eggs, all adults die.

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