Wrist Loops


Problem Solving – Communications


The group works in pairs. Each team requires a space about 1.5 m2 (4 ft by 4 ft). Each participant receives one rope and ties loops on either end large enough to easily insert their hands like a pair of handcuffs. Note The loops should be loose enough that participants can easily take their hands out for safety purposes. Pair up participants and have them each put their wrist loops on so their are linked together “X”. Participants have to figure out how to separate from their partner without removing their own wrist loops, or breaking or damaging the rope. They MUST be able to SHOW you HOW they accomplished the task.

Age Groups

Cubs, Rovers & Scouters, Scouts, Venturers


Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

Program Duration in Hours



Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends

Facilitation Type

Self Guide

Applicable OAS

Scoutcraft Skills


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