Council Hall (Upper)

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This iconic lodge overlooking Lake Samac, this building will house 290 at full capacity. Two main rooms: south side with stage, sound system, wet bar and lots of round and rectangular tables for up to 120 seated. North side (fireplace room) with access to the kitchenette, rustic parquet flooring and windows overlooking the lake.

West side of the building has balcony running the full length.

Great location for large meetings, ceremonies, banquets, training and so on.

Heating: natural gas
Water: fresh city tap water (hot and cold)
Electric lighting and receptacles

Washrooms: with flush toilets, toilet paper
Chairs and tables for 120

No fire pit.

There are no cleaning services provided so renters are required to clean before departure. This includes sweeping and washing floors, cleaning toilets, bundling garbage and disposing of at the garbage bins north of Cubland.

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