Cabin Cubland (sleeps 38)

Sleeps 38, washrooms, kitchen, heated

Log cabin constructed in 1954, modernized and ready to host up to 38 people. This cabin is north of the north parking area, set back on the west side of the north driveway. Large playing field and room for a few tents or building quinzee/snow huts in winter.


Heating: natural gas
Water: fresh city tap water (hot and cold)
Electric lighting and receptacles


Large Kitchen: refrigerator with freezer, plus freezer case, two 4-burner stoves and oven, double sinks for washing and sanitation. Cleaning supplies, mop and bucket, etc. (No pots, dishes, cutlery.)
Washrooms: with flush toilets, toilet paper
Chairs and tables for 38

Designated fire pit on the west side of the building.

Clean Up

There are no cleaning services provided so renters are required to clean before departure. This includes sweeping and washing floors, cleaning toilets, removing everything from the refrigerator and cleaning, bundling garbage and disposing of at the garbage bins north of Cubland.


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