A group of cub scouts from the local pack decided to go to Camp Samac for a weekend adventure. They arrived on a Friday afternoon and were greeted by the camp staff, who gave them a tour of the grounds and introduced them to the various activities they could participate in.

The cub scouts were thrilled to see all the different options available to them, including hiking, archery, and even a ropes course. They couldn’t wait to get started and decided to go on a hike through the woods that afternoon.

As they walked along the trails, the cub scouts marveled at the beauty of the surrounding nature. They saw a family of deer drinking from a stream and heard the calls of different birds in the trees. They even came across a small waterfall and took a break to splash around in the cool water.


As the weekend went on, the cub scouts tried their hand at archery, climbed to the top of the ropes course, and even learned some basic survival skills from the camp counselors. They made new friends and had a blast doing all the activities together. By the time Sunday rolled around, the cub scouts were sad to leave Camp Samac. They had such a great time that they couldn’t wait to come back again the following year. They left with memories that would last a lifetime and a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors.

Build your own adventure at Camp Samac.

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