Camp Samac was named after the founder who donated the land in 1943. The 150 acre (60 hectare) parcel of land for the camp, had previously been Brookside Park, and was donated by industrialist Sam McLaughlin, who’s local automobile company develop into General Motors of Canada.  The camp was founded in 1946.

The camp was located north of the City of Oshawa in it’s early days, but now is surrounded by several kms of housing, close to Ontario Tech University, shopping areas, and connected by public transportation. Despite the growth in the area, Camp Samac provides a peaceful sanctuary for Scouting members and youth programs.

The site offers main entrances at 1711 Simcoe St N, Oshawa and 275 Conlin Rd E, Oshawa. Onsite are 17 buildings, 6 established camping site, a dammed lake (summer) for water activities, outdoor swimming pool, recreation fields, hiking trails, and an activities centre for program.

The site is staffed full time by a Warden and camp Ranger. Buildings, sites and program are available year round. In summer there is fully staffed day camp and residential camp operation.


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