Hi Event Team Leads

The national Event Team have put together this guide as an aid.

This gathers together all the policies and procedures that are relevant to Events in one handy guide. If you require support in meeting any of these requirements, please reach out to the Event Support Team at eventsupport@scouts.ca  or your CK3/ Council Support Scouter because we may have developed a template or spreadsheet that can make your life easier.

If you have any question, please feel free to reach out at eventsupport@scouts.ca . Thanks.

Yours in Scouting,
Kelly, Logan  (She/ Her)
Manager- Program Design ǀ  Scouts Canada
Staff Support-Event Support Team
Phone:  +1.403 690 5131
Email: kelly.logan@scouts.ca

2023 Event Planning for multi-groups – Forms

Below is a summary of the event application process that can be shared with all event organizers. We’ve also included the updated documents for submission.

Part 1: Initial Application

Description: Initial application submission to Event Application Part 1 (smartsheet.com) The application will go through a risk calculation and will be assigned a risk category (Red/Amber/Green). The risk level of an event only affects who will be providing the approval, support, and oversight of the event. The overall process remains the same as before.

  • Red / Amber events will be approved and supported by the Event Support Team, or in the case of Red events approval will come from the NK3 or the National Events Commissioner should the NK3 choose to delegate. 
  • Green events will be approved and supported by the Council CK3
  • Depending on the event, some of the lower risk Amber events may be delegated to the Council by the event team for approval / support
  • The Council will be informed and consulted for all Amber/Red events to ensure proper feedback is collected by the event team before an event is approved and allowed to move forward.

Action: Submit application to Event Application Part 1 (smartsheet.com) and wait for approval from Event Support Team / NK3 or CK3 (depending on risk level)

Part 2: High Level Planning -Budget and High-Level Safety 

Description: This step includes the budget and a high-level safety plan. 
Action: Submit Event Application Part 2.pdf and Event Finance Workbook and wait for approval from Event Support Team/CK3 (depending on risk level)

Part 3: Detailed Emergency Response Plan

Description: This step includes the completion of a detailed Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
Action: Submit Event Application Part 3.pdf and review with Event Support Team/CK3 (depending on risk level)

Part 4: Review

Description: This is the review portion of the process and completed post event.
Action: Submit Application Part 4.pdf

So You Want to Run Event, Now What?

If this is an Overnight Council Event, Jamboree, Day event such as a Beaveree or Cuborama

If this is a ScoutCon, Outcon, Workshops, Scouter Development Day, Basic Outdoor Skills Day

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