Winter RALLY:

The University of Hoods, Thugs & Tricksters

Presents a Curriculum Day!

Saturday January 21, 2022
Council Hall and Beaver Meadow, Camp Samac, 275 Conlin Rd E, Oshawa, Ontario

Contact Angela:
(289) 939-4633

9:00 am Registration
9:30 Opening
10:00 Activities start
11:30-12:00 ?? Lunch
4:30 pm Finish Line for Activities/ After games provided
5:30 Dinner / Awards during dinner
6-6:30 Home

The events this year will reflect the 3 classes represented with some activities falling into each category. The exception to this is events that reflect overall teamwork.

The events have been designed to require very little prep/materials as I know some of us are new, this is our first rally event, and post covid things have been different to say the least.


  1. The thief needs to lead everyone through the spider web trap. ( yarn strung between trees with bells attached- don’t ring the bells)
  2. Snatch the Hankie – ALL scouters whether running an even or not will have an accessible hankie that the team needs to steal. All hankies will have a name. Team needs a hankie to either do the side quest and/or get in the door of the feasting hall
  3. Get the Idol (


  • 1. The Fighter needs to guide the team through the obstacle course OR if it is unsafe the Fighter needs to teach everyone how to snowshoe (supplied by Samac)
  • 2. Axe Throwing – If you can bring a few that would be great – some will supplied.
  • 3. Tug of war — team v other team/scouters(med vents ) present- or some logs


  1. Fire creation – (and change the colour) Done in a can
  2. Trivia! – scout history/survival situations/tie knots 
  3. (?) perhaps wizards chess — or the Knotiest Knot challenge/decode that password (?)


This will be an old fashioned sled race. 1 pusher- 1 puller- at least 2 on the sled

Every challenge completed will earn a piece of the map- the map is required to navigate the grid in front of the fasting hall. 


This is still in the works- there may be treasure chests for every team (-1) that is protected by the troll. Each team can try and defeat the troll to get their treasure box- this will have extra provisions and things required for the day

ALSO! Something new! 
Dinner will be a Minestrone Soup with garlic bread and something special for desert.

Also – Vents will be asked to run a station this year- The scouts attending the stations can vote on the Venturer that made the event the Scoutiest bestest ever!

(This will also be an award).

Speaking of which awards will be: 

  • Fastest time from start to finish
  • Scoutiest Scouts
  • Smartest team
  • Best Vent
  • Best Chilli
  • Best sled

—————— If you can think of any more please do not hesitate to write to me


This is a new feature. As we all know life comes with a certain amount of mayhem and now so does Winter Rally!

Mayhem will be released in the afternoon only. Roll a 10-sided dice (provided) to get the scale of your disaster. If you know the Scout Promise or Law the team can scale down tier disaster by 1 degree (a hard goes to medium/medium to easy/easy to avoided). Mayhem will have a challenge you need to pass before continuing your quest. These will be based on survival/knot tying/scouts’ history

Finally- while our heroes wait to feast, they can either join a D&D game (provided) or create a personal coat of arms. 

I would love each group confirmed to bring a large (pillowcase sized) coat of arms to hang in the Hall of Heroes – I just think it would be good fun and something extra however you know your troupe best.

There is all the information I have to date– I am requesting 

  1. that you all send this to as many scouters as you know
  2. You get back to me with number of participants as soon as possible
  3. Let me know if you are interested in participation in the chilli cook off
  4. Let me know if your troupe can create some survival cards/situations and answers
  5. Let me know if you are interested in creating a coat of arms to hang – I can keep track of how many troupes will be doing this and let everyone know. I know no one wants to be the only 1 doing it or the only 1 not doing it 🙂

Please get back to me with your thoughts at
or by leaving a message on the Facebook Page:

Thank you again to all those that have helped to date- your guidance and patience is much appreciated

YIS, Angela

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