Learning to tie useful common knots


This activity box contains the ropes, knot instruction cards: bowline, half hitch, round turn & two half hitches, figure eight knot, sheet bend, reef knot, overhand loop, clove hitch, monkey’s fist, bowline. You can break your group into small teams, give them a knot to learn (10-15 min) then trade knots to learn. Let the youth make a game with the new knots, like a relay. Have Fun

Age Groups

Cubs, Rovers & Scouters, Scouts, Venturers


Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

Program Duration in Hours



Evenings, Weekdays, Weekends

Facilitation Type

If Scouters are unfamiliar with knots please feel free to ask for a facilitator

Applicable OAS

Camping Skills, Scoutcraft Skills


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